A highly personal account of an extraordinary period in Australian politics by former treasurer Wayne Swan

  • The real story of how Australia avoided the Great Recession from the man recognised as one of the best finance ministers in the world: Euromoney named him Finance Minister of the Year in 2011
  • An inside account of the Rudd and Gillard governments from the heart of the Cabinet
  • Discloses how vested interests put Australian prosperity on the line
  • Includes the inside story of Ozcar and how Australia came close to a political coup d’etat
  • Details how the prime ministership of Kevin Rudd imploded



Praise for Swan’s handling of the economy:

“One of the most impressive economic policies I have seen, ever.”

— Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel laureate

“Wayne Swan’s judgment and decisiveness, in international terms, must rank a high distinction.”

— Paul Keating